Landscape Maintenance


Grato Property Care provides comprehensive landscape maintenance services in Irwin, Westmoreland County and surrounding areas, focused on transforming and revitalizing your outdoor spaces. Our dedicated team specializes in creating stunning landscapes that stand out.

Our expert professionals specialize mulching services, ensuring your landscape is refreshed with new mulch beds. We understand the importance of mulch in enhancing the aesthetics and health of your plants, while also suppressing weed growth and conserving moisture.

With our meticulous trimming and pruning, we shape and maintain shrubs, and hedges to perfection, enhancing their natural beauty and promoting healthy growth. Our skilled team also excels in weed control, eradicating unwanted plants and implementing effective measures to prevent their return.

At Grato Property Care, we offer seasonal services tailored to your landscape’s needs. Whether it’s seasonal plantings to add bursts of color and variety or other specialized services, we ensure your outdoor spaces are visually appealing year-round.

Experience the difference our landscape maintenance services can make in transforming your outdoor environment. Contact Grato Property Care today to schedule your landscape maintenance appointment and enjoy a stunning, well-maintained landscape that will impress all who visit.

Local Landscape Maintenance Service